Calhoun County Alabama

Calhoun County Alabama population is 118,572 and its county seat is Anniston, Alabama. Calhoun County is named in honor of John C. Calhoun, famous member of the United States Senate from South Carolina.  

Calhoun County Alabama Cities:
Anniston, Alabama
Glencoe, Alabama
Jacksonville, Alabama
Oxford, Alabama
Piedmont, Alabama
Piedmont is a city in Calhoun and Cherokee counties in the U.S. state of Alabama. Piedmont is located primarily in Calhoun County, although part of the city also is located in Cherokee County, in the northeast part of the state.  The population was 4,878 at the 2010 census.

Hotel Finial in Anniston Alabama

Alabama Haunted Places: The Victoria Inn, Anniston, Alabama


The Victoria Inn in Anniston, Alabama was once a beautiful mansion that has been transformed into one of the best places to stay in Anniston Alabama. It’s been converted into The Hotel Finial, a restaurant and hotel. Reports of the piano being played and footsteps in the main part of the building have scared more than a few visitors. Sometimes the glasses hanging in the bar clink, and a woman has been spotted on the upstairs landing. A real jewel of Alabama, the Victoria Inn is one of the top choices of travellers including famous celebrities.

World's Largest Office Chair, Anniston, Alabama

World’s Largest Office Chair

World’s Largest Office Chair
635 Noble St. Anniston AL


Thirty-three feet tall and made of ten tons of steel, the world’s largest office chair.  



“World’s Largest Chair, Anniston, Alabama” by Qqqqqq at en.wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons,_Anniston,_Alabama.jpg#mediaviewer/File:World%27s_Largest_Chair,_Anniston,_Alabama.jpg

Creek Walk: Medicinal & Edible Plants | Sept. 13, 2014

Creek Walk
Medicinal & Edible Plants
Sept. 13, 2014
Jacksonville AL
Calhoun County Alabama

$5 per person. Pre-registration required
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Dugger Mountain Wilderness
Join a Choccolocco Creek Naturalist to explore the fascinating habitat of this watershed. Presented by JSU Field Schools and Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance. Best suited for ages 14 to adult. Come prepared with your camera and questions!

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 5087Fort McClellan, AL   36205 E-mail:
Phone Number: 256-848-6833


Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge 

Mountain Longleaf NWR is located within the Southern Appalachian Mountains between Atlanta, Georgia (90 miles) and Birmingham, Alabama (60 miles). The City of Anniston, Alabama is located adjacent to the refuge. The refuge is situated along the rugged landscape of Choccolocco Mountain, one of the highest mountain ridges in Alabama. High elevation vistas (2063 feet ASL) provide an array of beautiful fall colors and breathtaking views of the surrounding region. Hardwood forests along mountain ridges contain species typical of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the north, while slopes and lower elevations are covered by longleaf pine and hardwoods commonly associated with the Coastal Plain.