Joe Minter's African Village in Birmingham AL

Joe Minter’s African Village

Strange and unique tourist attraction created by one man, Joe Minter. Located at 931 Nassau Ave. SW in Birmingham Alabama in Jefferson County Alabama. Phone: 205-322-7370
Admission is free and you can purchase Joe’s book and DVD. Facebook


Scratch Ankle Alabama

Scratch Ankle Alabama

When it comes to unusual town names this on may have you scratching your head. Deep in Monroe County, about 80 miles southwest of Montgomery, sits the town of Scartch Ankle.



Creative, ingenious or indications of a sick mind? You be the judge. Here are some of the unique and unusual finds in Alabama.


Bird’s Hay Bale Art Farm

Bird’s Farm is a large field beside Highway 43 that contains many amusing and imaginative creations, most of which were made with large bales of hay.

Photo by Benjamin West, postcard image published by Frank Cooper, New York::c1925::The Cultural Landscape Foundation 1 of 3

Village Number 1

Nitrate Village No. 1 was built to house workers at an ammonium nitrate plant authorized by the National Defense Act in 1916.

Blow Gourd Alabama

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