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Tuscaloosa County Alabama Map

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Tuscaloosa County Alabama Map

Tuscaloosa County Alabama

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Map

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Map

Tuscaloosa County population is 194,656. Its county seat and largest city is Tuscaloosa, the former state capital from 1826 to 1845.

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Cities:

Northport Alabama

Northport is a city in Tuscaloosa County and located on the Black Warrior River across from downtown Tuscaloosa. It is currently the 21st largest city in Alabama with an estimated population of 24,497 in 2013. It incorporated in 1871.

At the 2010 census, there were 23,330 people, 9,430 households, and 6,060 families living in the city. The population density was 1,597.9 people per square mile (615.6/km2). There were 10,256 housing units at an average density of 702.5 per square mile (270.6/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 68.4% White, 26.9% Black or African American, 0.3% Native American, 1.1% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander, 2.0% from other races, and 1.1% from two or more races. 4.1% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Northport City Hall
3500 McFarland Boulevard
Northport AL 35476

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuscaloosa City Hall
2201 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa AL


Tuscaloosa County Alabama Towns:

Brookwood Alabama

Brookwood Town Hall
15689 Alabama 216
Brookwood AL 

Coaling Alabama

The Town of Coaling possesses a small town feel while being only minutes from the city of Tuscaloosa for sporting events, shopping, dining and a host of other activities.
Located along U.S. Highway 11 and south of Interstate 59/20 in eastern Tuscaloosa County. Residents here experience the best of both worlds.
With its tree lined well-lit streets complete with sidewalks the Town of Coaling is a wonderful place to call home.

Town Hall Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Coker Alabama

Coker is a town in Tuscaloosa County. It incorporated in 1999. At the 2010 census the population was 979. 

Lake View Alabama

Just off I-59/20’s exit 100, nestled in the rural area of eastern Tuscaloosa County, sits the town of Lake View, Alabama. It’s located halfway between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham and mere minutes from both I-59/20 and I-459.

The beautiful Tannehill Ironworks Historic State Park is just down the road from Lake View, famous for a variety of popular events throughout the year, especially its monthly Trade Days held March – November. The park also offers camping, hiking trails, craft shops, a country store, an Iron & Steel Museum and much more!
Down Hwy 216, approximately 15 miles from Lake View is Rocky Branch Park on the Black Warrior River. Visitors enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, boating, a covered pavilion, picnic tables and a designated grilling area.

Moundville Alabama

Moundville is a town in Hale and Tuscaloosa counties. It was incorporated on December 22, 1908. From its incorporation until the 1970 census, it was wholly within Hale County. At the 2010 census the population was 2,427, up from 1,809 at the 2000 census.  Within the town is Moundville Archaeological Site, the location of a prehistoric Mississippian culture political and ceremonial center.

Vance Alabama

The Town of Vance is located in the heart of West Central Alabama. Located between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Vance has the feel of a small town with big city convenience. Vance is being viewed as the ideal location to call “Home”. As of this year, the town had the most population growth of any other municipality in the State of Alabama. According to the 2010 Census Data, Vance has grown to a total of 1529, which is a 205 % growth increase in the last decade.

Woodstock Alabama

Woodstock is a town in Bibb and Tuscaloosa counties. Formerly known as North Bibb, by referendum in August 2000, the town adopted the name of a long-established local unincorporated community and, as of October 1, 2000, is now known officially as “Woodstock”. As of the 2010 census, the population of the town was 1,428.

An interesting history of Woodstock is available at Wikipedia contributors, “Woodstock, Alabama,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Communities:

Abernant Alabama

Abernant is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Abernant is located along Alabama State Route 216, 3.6 miles west of Lake View. Abernant has a post office with ZIP code 35440.

Bucksville Alabama

Bucksville is a community in eastern Tuscaloosa County, near McCalla and the Jefferson County line. It was founded by pioneer David Buck, who opened a general store on the Huntsville Road (Old Tuscaloosa Highway/Jefferson County Road 20) in 1820. Bucksville is the eastern terminus of Alabama State Highway 216, and shares the name of Exit 100 from I-59 with Abernant.

“Buck’s Store” was recognized as a post office in 1827 and the name Bucksville first appeared in 1830. The settlement commanded the turn-off to the site of Daniel Hillman’s iron furnace on Roupes Creek, which produced iron from local brown ore as early as 1830. Writer Mary Gordon Duffee described the settlement as a “pretty town” whose buildings had “a venerable air of antiquity” in the 1850s.


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Buhl Alabama

Buhl is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County, located 11.1 miles west-northwest of Tuscaloosa.

Cottondale Alabama

Cottondale is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Cottondale was originally called Kennedale in honor of Joseph Kennedy, one of the owners of a local cotton mill. In 1876, the name was changed to Cottondale for the cotton mill.
Cottondale was the site of cotton mills where the Knights of Labor had some success in organizing drives in the late 1880s; and where “Mother” Jones worked in 1904 while studying conditions for working women and children in the South.

In 2016 Cottondale’s population was 3,546.

Duncanville Alabama

Duncanville is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Duncanville is located along U.S. Route 82, 12.5 miles southeast of Tuscaloosa.

Echola Alabama

Echola is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Echola is 15.8 miles northwest of Tuscaloosa.  Echola was previously known as Elbert.

Elrod Alabama

Elrod is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Elrod is located on County Route 15, 13.3 miles west-northwest of Tuscaloosa. Elrod was renamed from Sipsey Turnpike in 1898 after the Mobile and Ohio Railroad reached the community. 

Fosters Alabama

Fosters is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Fosters is located along U.S. Route 11 and U.S. Route 43, 10.4 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa. Fosters has a post office with ZIP code 35463.

Holt Alabama

Holt is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Tuscaloosa County. At the 2010 census the population was 3,638.

Kellerman Alabama

Kellerman is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County, six miles  north of Brookwood. The community formed around a coal mining operation owned by the Central Iron & Coal Co. of New York. Kellerman was a company town, and the houses were owned by the company. When mining operations ceased in 1962, almost all of the nearly 5,000 residents eventually moved away leaving less than 10 houses remaining. The Kellerman post office with ZIP code 35468, which opened on August 6, 1902, is now located at the Alabama Mining Museum in Dora, Alabama.

Kimbrell Alabama

Kimbrell, also Kimbrel,  is an unincorporated community in Jefferson and Tuscaloosa counties. Kimbrell was named in honor of Miles Kimbrell, a storekeeper and sewing machine agent. A post office operated under the name Kimbrel from 1895 to 1905.

Peterson Alabama

Peterson is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Peterson is located on Alabama State Route 216, 8.6 miles east-northeast of Tuscaloosa. Peterson was originally known as Peterson City.

Ralph Alabama

Ralph is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Ralph is located near U.S. Route 11 and U.S. Route 43, 16.4 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa.  Ralph was originally known as Hickman, in honor of the first postmaster, William P. Hickman. 

Samantha Alabama

Samantha is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Samantha is located along U.S. Route 43, 14.8 miles north of Tuscaloosa.

Windham Springs Alabama

Windham Springs, also known as Oregonia, Wyndham Springs, or Windhams Springs, is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County. Windham Springs is named after the resort at the sulfur springs founded by Levi Windham in 1850. The area was once home to a two-story hotel building and several cabins. The hotel and springs were visited by many people for the springs’ reputed healing qualities. During the Civil War, the hotel was looted by the Union Army. 

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Attractions:

University of Alabama Football

The Bear Bryant Museum

The Kentuck Art Festival

International City Fest, and

Tuscaloosa Christmas Afloat

Tuscaloosa County Alabama Map and Sites Of Interest

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