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Jackson County Alabama Map

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Jackson County Alabama Map

Jackson County Alabama

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Map of Alabama Highlighting Jackson County

Map of Alabama Highlighting Jackson County

Jackson County Alabama is a county in the Northeast corner of Alabama. The population is 53,227 and the county seat is Scottsboro, Alabama.

Jackson County was named for Andrew Jackson, general in the United States Army and afterward President of the United States of America.

Jackson County Alabama Cities:

Bridgeport, Alabama

Scottsboro, Alabama

Stevenson Alabama

Jackson County Alabama Towns:

Dutton, Alabama

 Hollywood, Alabama

Hytop Langston, Alabama

Paint Rock, Alabama

Pisgah, Alabama

Pisgah is a town in Jackson County, Alabama. Pisgah was first settled in the late 1830s. The first white settlers began to move to the Pisgah area after Indian Removal in 1836, mainly during the 1840s-1850s. A post office was established in 1878, and the community was named for Mount Pisgah, the mountain in the Bible from which Moses viewed the Promised Land. It is included in the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. It incorporated in 1947. As of the 2010 census, the population of the town was 722, up from 706 in 2000. Pisgah is located atop Sand Mountain. 

Pleasant Groves, Alabama

The town is situated on a narrow ridge that extends outward from the Cumberland Plateau in western Jackson County. Woodville lies at the base of the plateau to the southwest, Skyline lies along the plateau to the northeast, and the Paint Rock River flows through the valley to the northwest. County Road 8 is the primary traffic artery in Pleasant Groves.

Section, Alabama

Section is located on land where the Cherokee once hunted and lived. The community was originally known as Mt. Zion when the first post office was established. There were communities such as Kirby’s Creek, Gossets Hollow, and Fern Cliff. These communities came together to form the Town of Section. Pioneer settlers came in 1862 to Section, in large numbers. Settlers were required to live on the land for five years before claiming the property as their own. It became known later as “Section” because it was the location of a square-mile parcel of land, known as the 16th Section, required by the federal government to be set aside in support of public schools.

Skyline, Alabama

Skyline began in 1934 as a cooperative farming experiment known as “Cumberland Farms” under President Franklin Roosevelt’s Federal Emergency Relief Administration. This was one of 43 such projects attempted nationally in depressed areas. It was soon renamed “Skyline Farms” to avoid confusion with another project in neighboring Tennessee. The experiment lasted for a decade before being sold off to private buyers in 1944.

The current town of Skyline is located about a mile north of the original farming colony.

Woodville, Alabama

Woodville was settled about 1815 by Henry Derrick and is the oldest town in Jackson County. It was named for early residents Richard and Annie Wood. Woodville became the seat of Decatur County, Alabama in December 1821, but was attached to Jackson County when Decatur County was abolished the following year. The surrounding area was the site of considerable guerrilla warfare during the American Civil War.

Jackson County Alabama Communities:

Baileytown, Alabama

Bass, Alabama

Bolivar, Alabama

Bryant, Alabama

Estillfork, Alabama

Fackler, Alabama

Flat Rock, Alabama

Francisco, Alabama

Gorhams’s Bluff, Alabama

Gorham’s Bluff is an unincorporated community, approximately three miles north of Pisgah at the top of Sand Mountain. It overlooks the Tennessee River valley.

Currently, Gorham’s Bluff is not a recognized town, but part of the Pisgah area. Gorham’s Bluff has a six-suite lodge and nine cottages. 

Since 1997, in collaboration with the Gorham Bluff’s Institute, it has served as a venue for the Alabama Ballet in their pre-season.

The Tale of Gorham’s Buff

Higdon, Alabama

Hollytree, Alabama

Larkin, Alabama

Liberty Hill, Alabama

Limrock, Alabama

Long Island, Alabama

Princeton, Alabama

Rash, Alabama

Rosalie, Alabama

Swaim, Alabama

Trenton,  Alabama

Jackson County Alabama Sites Of Interest

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