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Although hundreds use it as such, Digital Alabama is not a travel guide. It is a travelogue. “Travelogue” is defined as “a movie, book, or illustrated lecture about the places visited and experiences encountered by a traveler.” That definition perfectly describes Digital Alabama.

Spies by Day, Super Heros at Night

We’re Spies by Day, Super Heros by Night

We are current professional and licensed intelligence analysts and investigators. We look into folk tales, missing persons and unsolved crimes. We perform security and threat assessment, due diligence, interviews and vulnerability assessments. We locate and secure properties for clients–read between the lines–and some other pretty interesting things. We have seen Alabama–all of it, from some pretty frightening angles. If you have need for any of these services, phone, email or use the Contact Page.

The recognizably different and unique content here as compared to a travel guide is that the articles are written for your entertainment and education, not to entice you to travel and spend. The incidents are true and the places are real but we interject fictional characters  to interact and tell our stories. We work hard and uncover a lot of interesting stuff that goes into our stories and we always make the time to visit and talk with local folks to see what may be added to our stories and inquire about new tales. We hope you enjoy and appreciate our approach.

This Table of Contents is not intended to be a comprehensive list of cities or sites around the state; it contains only locations we have visited or researched for clients.

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Alabama Regions

So, how about Alabama travel destinations? We do not intend to suggest those either but everything happens somewhere and we hope we have discovered the best way to organize and present our content for your entertainment and education?

First, it was decided that many would be interested in certain areas of the state of Alabama so we decided to assign articles to locations: regions, counties and cities. We divided the state into seven regions composed of counties that we determined had some commonalities. We wound up with:


Bear in mind that the regions indicate nothing other than our opinion and grouping of counties with some things in common, primarily cultural similarities. However, they should prove useful to visitors coming from outside the state or traveling from the far reaches within the state. These are not the regions your kids are looking up for their homework! A lot of that can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Alabama Counties

Each region we created is comprised of a varied number of counties. Many people are looking for information about the history of an Alabama county, or an event, person, or structure in that county, so we ascribe articles to the county in which they occurred if known. We list each county within the state under its associated region.  You can access many interesting articles pertaining to each county from there.

Alabama Cities

Alabama cities are included in this site’s menu when we visit or one of our stories takes place in that city. It is not our intent to provide a comprehensive list and you will find we list lesser well-known cities and rural areas.