Autauga County Alabama Ghost Towns

Autauga County Alabama Ghost Towns

Andrew Alabama

Located about one mile south of Pine Level Alabama, north of the junction of U.S. Hwy 31 and County Road 107.

Booth Alabama
Dates From: 1899

Latitude N32 30.030′ Longitude W86 34.321′

32°30’01.8″N 86°34’19.3″W
32.500500, -86.572017

Located about seven-and-one-half miles northwest of Prattville on the railroad line.

Dosterville Alabama

Latitude N32 26.308′ Longitude W86 26.983′

32°26’18.5″N 86°26’59.0″W
32.438467, -86.449717

Located about three miles southeast of Pratttville.

Fays Alabama

Latitude N32 28.842′ Longitude W86 24.598′

32°28’50.5″N 86°24’35.9″W
32.480700, -86.409967

Located one-half mile southeast of the junction of State Road 14 and Old Farm Lane at the county line.

Fremont Alabama

Latitude N32 32.725′ Longitude W86 53.689′

32°32’43.5″N 86°53’41.3″W
32.545417, -86.894817

Located east of the junction of Country Road 83 and County Road 88.

Haynes Alabama

Latitude N32 37.545′ Longitude W86 40.388′

32°37’32.7″N 86°40’23.3″W
32.625750, -86.673133

Located about three miles southeast of Billingsley.

Kalmia Alabama

Latitude N32 24.170′ Longitude W86 47.667′

32°24’10.2″N 86°47’40.0″W
32.402833, -86.794450

Located about three miles southwest of Mulberry.

Spur Alabama

Located east of Highway 82 West, about five miles northeast of Independence Alabama

Statesville Alabama

Latitude N32 28.169′ Longitude W86 49.835′
Located about two miles east of Burnsville on the junction of State Road 14 and County Road 1

Vine Hill Alabama

Latitude N32 33.738′ Longitude W86 54.127′ 

32.615094400446715, -86.89970755512239

32°33’44.3″N 86°54’07.6″W
32.562300, -86.902117

About three an one-half miles southeast of Planteresville

Whitewater Alabama

32.4648925051205, -86.63549210913074

About five and one-half miles southeast of Independence Alabama

Native American Sites in Autauga County Alabama

There are many Native American sites in Autauga County, especially along the Alabama River. Early settlers reported seeing many mounds along the Alabama River. Today, many of these mounds are no longer visible. In addition to the large Native town of Atagi, during the early 1800s there were towns Halbama and Atoba. Halbama was possibly the origin of the name of the Alabama River.