Alabama has a nickname: “Land of a Thousand Waterfalls.” You’ll find a remarkable number of waterfalls scattered about the mountains and canyons of Alabama, from the northern part of the state to areas just south of Birmingham.  In east Alabama, you’ll find more touristy falls, such as Noccalula in Gadsden and DeSoto Falls and Little River Falls in Fort Payne. But, hidden away in the backwoods are some gems that most people never get to see. These waterfalls are just one reason to explore Alabama’s many state parks and wilderness areas.

Caney Creek Falls

The lower falls of Caney Creek in the Bankhead National Forest, which covers nearly 200,000 acres in Lawrence, Franklin, and Winston counties.

Cheaha Park Waterfalls

Cheaha Falls is located on Cheaha Creek ,near Cheaha State Park, along the popular Chinnabee Silent Trail.

Chewacla Falls

Chewacla Falls, located in Auburn at Chewacla State Park, is a 30ft waterfall that’s formed by the spillway of Chewacla Dam.

DeSoto Falls

Hike the two mile Desoto Falls Trail near Helen to a pair of waterfalls where, legend holds, a piece of armor was found from DeSoto’s expedition in the mid-1500s.

Devil’s Den Falls

In Talladega National Forest,the Devil’s Den Falls, aka the Six Pack, is a series of waterfalls, consisting of a total of about 100′ elevation drop.

Hidden Falls

This well visited waterfall near Haleburg is on preserved property, but at last check with the organization it is closed to the public due to access issues.

Coordinates: 31.4234765, -85.12433

High Falls

One of the best nature spots around north east Alabama. Located in High Falls Park, off AL HWY 227 Northwest of Geraldine, Alabama

Larkwood Falls

Larkwood Falls is about 75 feet tall and 100 feet wide…making it one of the largest waterfalls in Alabama.

Little River Falls

Address: 4322 Little River Trail NE #100
Fort Payne, AL 35967
Phone: (256) 845-9605

Little River Falls is located within the Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama, United States. It marks the beginning of the Little River Canyon. One of the most family-friendly trips. Easy to reach. Great for swimming and picnicking. 

Lost Sink Falls

Lost Sink Falls is located within Keel Mountain Preserve in Gurley, Alabama. To reach Lost Sink Falls, you’ll take the preserve’s Lost Sink Trail.

Mardis Mill Falls

Mardis Mill Falls is located near Blountsville, Alabama in Blount County. Located on Grave’s Creek, Mardis Mill Falls is also known as Grave’s Creek Falls.  Mardis Mill Falls, has a span of 35 feet across and a drop of approximately 15 feet.  From the town of Oneonta, take Highway 231 North to 79 North. Then take a right onto Mardis Mill Road. Mardis Mill Falls will be on the right.

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Noccalula Falls Park

Noccalula Falls Park is a 250-acre public park located in Gadsden, Alabama. In addition to a beautiful waterfall display, these falls are also surrounded by years of interesting history. The fall itself is the center of an old Cherokee legend, which is represented by a statue of a Native American girl. You can also walk behind the falls and explore local caves, which have carvings written by Civil War soldiers inside!

Peavine Falls

Peavine Falls at Oak Mountain State Park is an approximately 65 foot tall, spring fed waterfall that provides a great stopping point along the trails.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in Dismals Canyon, Phil Campbell, Alabama. Phil Campbell is in Franklin County Alabama.

Welti Falls

Welti Falls is located in the small town of Welti, Alabama. Welti, also known as Dreher, is an unincorporated community in Cullman County. The waterfall was created from the spillway of Forest Ingram Park.