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About Us

Digital Alabama



Although hundreds of visitors use Digital Alabama as a travel guide, it is actually a travelogue. Digital Alabama records our thoughts about and experiences in the places we visit in Alabama.


We Are Storytellers

We publish unique content for your entertainment and education – not to entice you to travel and spend. The incidents are true and the places are real but we may interject fictional characters  to interact and tell our stories.

We Publish Two Types of Articles:

Nonfiction—Articles about the places we visit and our experiences during our travels AND information on locations and topics gathered while doing research for clients and our publications.

Historical Fiction—Fictitious accounts of true events as told by one of our imaginary protagonists.


We think everyone interested in our great state of Alabama should have the opportunity to examine and enjoy what we find. We take our research information and turn it into entertainment. Trained professionals report facts and fictional characters narrate historic events.

We travel statewide and meet many interesting people. In addition to historical fiction, we write about the people we meet and the places we visit. 

So, whether you enjoy your adventures from the comfort of your easy-chair, a rolling RV or a bone rattling four-wheeler. our stories should satisfy your desire for stories of Alabama.


We are not into champagne and five-star motels. We’re more into the earthy stuff, the local comings and goings and what the local folks do. We’re into the local history, local legends and the secret history of people and places. And… we do not publish only about the positives and the safe streets. We tell you about the underside, the ugly family secrets and the whispered tales. If it’s ugly, dirty or smelly, we say so. We’re definitely not your run-of-the-mill travel guide.

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