Barton Alabama

Barton Alabama

Barton Alabama, also known as Barton Station, Barton Depot, or Barton’s, is an unincorporated community located in western Colbert County. It is about ten miles west of the county seat of Tuscumbia Alabama, and just south of Tennessee River. The community is about four miles southeast of Cherokee on US Route 72.

Barton Alabama Civil War History

Between December 1862 and October 1863, several skirmishes took place in Barton as part of the American Civil War. Confederate forces sought to prevent the Union Army from invading the Tennessee Valley from their stronghold in Corinth, Mississippi.

Thomas William Sweeny

On December 12, 1862, the 1st Alabama

Phillip Dale Roddey

Cavalry Regiment under the command of Col. T. W. Sweeny engaged troops under the command of Col. Phillip Roddey.



Major General Dodge sometime after his June 1864 promotion to Maj.Gen

On April 17, 1863, the 1st Alabama Cavalry and 10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry under the command of Gen. Grenville M. Dodge fought CSA forces under the command of Col. Roddey.


Peter Joseph Osterhaus

Col Jeffrey Edward Forrest

October 20, 1863 saw the 3d Cavalry Regiment, 5th Ohio Cavalry, and Landgraeber’s Battery under the command of Gen. Peter Joseph Osterhaus engage CSA forces under the command of Col. Jeff Forrest.

Stephen D Lee

On October 25, 1863, Union forces, including the 13th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment and 76th Ohio Infantry under the command of Gen. Osterhaus fought CSA forces commanded by Lieutenant General Stephen D. Lee.

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