Map: State of Alabama Historic Roads and Trails

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State of Alabama Historic Roads and Trails

State of Alabama Historic Roads and Trails

This image is a map of the state of Alabama in 1975, showing the historic roads, trails and military expedition routes since 1540. Different patterns and symbols are used to show the paths. The map also shows the northern boundary of the Spanish territory in 1798. A legend is provided for explanation. There is a note stating that “All locations are to be interpreted as general.” The bottom of the map has a symbol with the words: “American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976.” There is a table located at the lower right portion of the map providing the information that George Wallace was the Governor and Ray D. Bass was the Highway Director. It also acknowledged the contribution of Alabama Department of Archives and History. The collection has 12 copies of the same map. All of them are original printed copies and are not encapsulated. All maps are in good condition.

This image is the property of the Auburn University Libraries and is intended for non-commercial use. Users of the image are asked to acknowledge the Auburn University Libraries. For information about obtaining high-resolution copies of this and other images in this collection, please contact the Auburn University Libraries Special Collections & Archives Department at or (334) 844-1732.

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