Cheaha Park Waterfalls

Cheaha Park Waterfalls

The Cheaha region is best known for having the tallest point in Alabama, but it also has one of the state’s most scenic waterfalls. A short walk from the Talladega Scenic Byway makes for an easy trip to this beautiful site!

Cheaha Park Waterfalls Location

Cheaha Falls is upstream of Devil’s Den Falls on Cheaha Creek along the Chinnabee Silent Trail. It’s about 3 miles from the trailhead.

2135-2145 State Route 281
Talladega National Forest
Lineville, Alabama 36266

Latitude : 33.44409316
Longitude : -85.84146623

Chinnabee Silent Trail


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Photo Courtesy of and © Christopher Treadwell
Photo Courtesy of and © Christopher Treadwell. A very popular swimming and fishing area, the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area is home to two waterfalls, Devil’s Den and Cheaha Falls. Cheaha is the second falls found on the Chinnabee Silent Trail. I know it is tempting, but please don’t swim in the falls, or more importantly, DON’T JUMP INTO THE WATER!!! The nearest medical help is too far, it isn’t worth it.





Cheaha Falls is on the 7.3 mile, moderate to difficult, Chinnabee Silent Trail, on Cheaha Creek, in the Talladega National Forest.Beginning at Lake Chinnabee, the trail winds beside Cheaha Creek and ends 6 miles at Caney Head atop Talladega Mountain. It is popular because of the spectacular views of flowing streams, rock outcroppings, and waterfalls.

To get to the falls, starting at the Cheaha State Park entrance, proceed south on Highway 281 about three miles, then west on the Chinnabee Silent Trail for about one mile to find the falls. Take care because the rocks are slippery.

Talladega National Forest | Talladega Ranger District | Recreation Map
Talladega National Forest | Talladega Ranger District | Recreation Map