History of Clarke County by John Simpson Graham

History of Clarke County

by John Simpson Graham

Published by Birmingham Printing Co. (1923)

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Author’s Introduction:

It is the purpose of the author of this book to write a history devoted almost exclusively to Clarke County and its people. No such history has ever been published. “Ball’s History of Clarke County and Surroundings” contains much general history, necessitating much reading before reaching the pith of the story. However, there is much in Ball’s History relating to early days of Clarke and its citizens.
Mr. Ball was a scholar and an able writer. He had resided in the county many years before the Civil War and was familiar with the county and its citizens. W e shall quote estensi1ely from his valuable book. As to the conflicts between the whites and the Indians, occurring in Clarke County and along its borders, we shall quote largely from
Pickett’s History. Pickett is a fluent writer and perhaps accurate in his details.
The author of this book has been a citizen of Clarke County since 1875, and since that time much has transpired in the county under his personal observation. We have watched with pride and satisfaction the progress made in the county for the past forty-eight years.
This book will doubtless be read with much interest by the present generation living in Clarke, as well as by the generations to follow. If it should be preserved and handed down through the coming years, it may, in the far distant future, iali under the eye of some descendent of some Clarke countian and enable him or her to look to back through the avenue of time and get a mental picture of Clarke County in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.