Map: Lakes In Alabama

Lakes in Alabama are numerous. Alabama has no large natural lakes, but dams built on the abundant rivers have created many artificial lakes.


Ghost towns in Alabama are a popular subject for more reasons than you may think. For instance, it is often required that we survey an abandoned property or ghost town in order to recreate a past event in order to help determine if the event could have actually occured as described in old newspaper articles or testimony of witnesses.

Cleburne County Alabama Map


Cleburne County is located on what was once Creek and Cherokee Indian land. The first settlers came to the area in the 1820s and named the town of Edwardsville as the county seat. Settlement in the area remained sparse until the 1830s, when gold was discovered in the vicinity of Arbacoochee and Chulafinnee in the southern part of the county. By 1836, some 5,000 miners had moved to the area in hopes of striking it rich.

Map: La Louisiane

Map La Louisiane
Hand colored. Relief shown pictorially. From the author’s Grosser atlas … [1734?] Includes historical notes and inset of “Les costes de la Louisiane depuis la baye de Ascension jusques acelle de S. Joseph.” Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.

Map: Georgia & Alabama Post Offices, Post Roads, Canals, Rail Roads

Georgia & Alabama Post Offices, Post Roads, Canals, Rail Roads
Maps created for one purpose often contain a tremendous amount of information useful for purposes other than that intended. The References statement in the top right of this map indicates the map is marked with six types of routes:

Horse Mail Post Coach Roads

One might think the sulkey routes would be frequently traveled and be composed of locations frequented by local residents.  

This map is available as a high resolution download HERE.