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State laws vary regarding the legality of home distilling. In some states it is illegal to own a still while in other states it is not. Sometimes it is legal to own the still, but not for creating and producing alcohol for consumption.

Today, people make their own brand of moonshine for personal use. However, distilling alcohol at home, even for personal use, is illegal under federal law.

The Raven – Chapter 3 Part 1: Agent Foxx Talks With Mama

The truth of the matter is that Agent Foxx had no intention of trying to prosecute Raven and Kenny. In fact, he would not even report the incident. Chancing a flirting glance at Raven he was convinced the kid was wearing a mask, the false face of the Indians. Raven had passed his second test. Again Foxx had what he had come for – confirmation that Raven Cane was born to be a spy.

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Moonshiners of Thorsby, Alabama 1907

Moonshiners of Thorsby Alabama, 1907

Each autumn, the town of Thorsby celebrates its heritage with the Annual Swedish Festival that includes an arts and crafts fair, a pageant, music, car and motorcycle shows and food native to the American South. The town maintains a museum in the old Norwegian Lutheran Church, now called “Helen Jenkins Chapel”. A Scandinavian Cemetery is available for visits any time.

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