Clarke County Alabama and Its Surroundings from 1540 to 1877 – Chapter II

About Clarke County, Alabama and Its Surroundings, 1540-1877

Map: 1718 Map of Gulf Coast Region

Original is possession of Chicago’s Historical Society. Shows De Soto’s wanderings in 1540, La Salle’s landing, his journey to the interior, and the place of his death; Tonti’s journey to the Chickasaws, the old forts at Biloxi, on Mobile Bay, and on the Mississippi River below New Orleans, route of Bienville from Tensas village to Red River.


Piachi Visited by DeSoto Oct. 13, 1540. Battle crossing mountain stream gorge below town, two Spaniards killed, along with principal Indians accompanying chief. Later historians said located eastern bank Black Warrior River near Sawyerville, previously known as Sawyers Depot, Hale County, at site of dead town Erie. W. Stuart Harris, Dead Towns of Alabama (1977). […]