Alabama Battlefields

Civil War Battles

The Affair at Madison Station

Battle of Athens

Battle of Crooked Creek

Battle of Day’s Gap

Battle of Decatur

Battle of Fort Blakeley

Battle of Mobile Bay

Battle of Newton

Battle of Ebenezer Church

Battle of Selma

Battle of Munford

Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle

Battle of Spanish Fort

Siege of Bridgeport

Battle of Cherokee Station

Skirmish at Paint Rock Bridge

Streight’s Raid

Wilson’s Raid

The Indian Wars

Atchinalgi : Creek Indian Village

On the east bank of the Tallapoosa River, in Randolph County, Alabama,  near the mouth of Cedar Creek. Atchinalgi was destroyed on November 13, 1813 by General James White and his troops from Tennessee.

Battle of Calebee Creek aka Battle for Camp Defiance

The Battle of Calebee Creek, also spelled Calabee, Callabee, or in the official report at the time, “Chalibee,” took place on January 27, 1814, during the Creek War, in Macon County, Alabama, fifty miles (80 km) west of Fort Mitchell near present-day Tuskegee. Also referred to as the Battle for Camp Defiance. General John Floyd, with 1,200 Georgia volunteers, a company of cavalry and 400 friendly Yuchi, repulsed a night attack of the Red Sticks on his camp. Floyd lost so many in this hostile country that he immediately withdrew to the Chattahoochee River.

The battlefield lies on private land near the confluence of Calabee Creek and the Tallapoosa River in present-day Macon County, Alabama. There is currently no marker commemorating the site. This image shows an area believed to be near where the battle took place.


The Battle of Tallasseehatchee

The Battle of Tallasseehatchee was a battle fought during the War of 1812 and Creek War on November 3, 1813, in Alabama between Red Stick Creeks Native Americans and United States dragoons.

Battle of Hobdy ‘s  Bridge

On March 24th, 1837, the last significant Indian battle in Alabama was fought between 900 warriors of the Creek Nation and white settlers.

Battle of Holy Ground

The Battle of Holy Ground, or Battle of Econochaca, was a battle fought on December 23, 1813 between the United States militia and the Red Stick Creek Indians during the Creek War.

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Battle of Talladega