15th Regiment Alabama Infantry

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Flag of Alabama 1861 obverse—On January 11, 1861, the Alabama Secession Convention passed a resolution designating an official flag. Designed by several women from Montgomery, final touches were made by Francis Corra of that city.

15th Regiment Alabama Infantry


1859 map of Alabama counties. The 15th Alabama was recruited from counties in the southeastern portion of the state.

The 15th Regiment of Alabama Infantry was a Confederate volunteer infantry unit from the state of Alabama during the American Civil War.

Recruited from six counties in the southeastern part of the state, it fought mostly with Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, though it also saw brief service with Braxton Bragg and the Army of Tennessee in late 1863 before returning to Virginia in early 1864 for the duration of the war.

Out of 1958 men listed on the regimental rolls throughout the conflict, 261 are known to have fallen in battle, with sources listing an additional 416 deaths due to disease. 218 were captured (46 died), 66 deserted and 61 were transferred or discharged. By the end of the war, only 170 men remained to be paroled.

15th Regiment Alabama Infantry Organization:

The 15th initially consisted of approximately 900 men; its companies, and their counties of origin, were:

Co. “A”, known as “Cantey’s Rifles”, from Russell County;
Co. “B”, known as the “Midway Southern Guards”, from Barbour County;
Co. “C”, no nickname given, from Macon County;
Co. “D”, known as the “Fort Browder Roughs”, from Barbour County;
Co. “E”, known as the “Beauregards”, from Dale County (which then included parts of present-day Geneva and Houston counties);
Co. “F”, known as the “Brundidge Guards”, from Pike County;
Co. “G”, known as the “Henry Pioneers”, from Henry County (which then included nearly all of present-day Houston County);
Co. “H”, known as the “Glenville Guards”, from Barbour and Dale counties;
Co. “I”, “Quitman Guards”, from Pike County;
Co. “K”, known as the “Eufaula City Guard”, from Barbour County; and
Co. “L”, no nickname given, from Pike County.
Following its formal swearing-in, the 15th Alabama was ordered to Pageland Field, Virginia, for training and drill. During their sojourn at Pageland, the regiment lost 150 men to measles. In September 1861, the 15th was transferred to Camp Toombes, Virginia, in part to escape the measles outbreak.


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Malvern Hill
Second Manassas
Knoxville Campaign
The Wilderness
Spotsylvania Court House
Cold Harbor
Siege of Petersburg
Appomattox Campaign

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