Map: Gray’s New Map of Alabama 1878

Gray's New Map of Alabama 1878
Gray’s New Map of Alabama 1878

This image is a detailed map of the state of Alabama in 1878, showing counties, cities, towns, rivers, forts, canals, railroads, roads, post offices, and railway stations during that period of time. Counties are highlighted by colors. Townships are shown by grid lines. Relief is shown by hachure. The development of railroads reflected the economic development of the state during that era. The inset at the bottom of the map shows a more detailed view of Mobile Bay including shoals and sounding depths around the barrier islands. The table at the right side contains information on census populations from 1810 to 1880. And it also gives a brief history of Alabama, from its discovery by De Soto in 1542 to its organization as a territory in 1817 and statehood in 1819, noting that it was part of Georgia until 1802 and part of Mississippi Territory from 1802-1817. There is a map key right below the title for reference and a paragraph stating the source of all data. The map is an original printed copy and is encapsulated. Except for some missing parts on the sides and mending marks across the middle, the content of the map is still clear and legible.

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