I-22 Motorsports Park

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I-22 Motorsports Park Timeline Photos

I-22 Motorsports Park/I-22 Motorsports Park

I-22 Motorsports Park Timeline Photos

I-22 Motorsports Park

1/8 Mile
3928 Byler Road
Eldridge, AL
Phone: 205-924-9300

Scott Tucker is the owner of Scott’s Auto Salvage, Inc., which has been in business for 18 years. Scott is also a 28 year veteran of the automobile industry. Scott, Gregg Burgess and Bill Haley have been friends for many years. About 3 years ago this group of friends began dreaming of building a motorsports park in their community. The group began planning in earnest in January of 2008. There have been countless hours of planning and working since then. There is nothing at the facility that hasn’t built or moved by one or all of the three men. Scott attributes the successful build of the facility to the partnership and the efforts of many close friends who have stepped in to help. Scott hopes everyone will come enjoy the park as much as he, his family and friends do. Scott and his wife Meloney have two children, Chelle and Wesley. Their family is very involved in the Eldridge community and hopes to see park benefit the community as well as race fans all over the country.

Gregg Burgess is a native of Winfield, Alabama. He and his family own Burgess Transmission and have been in business 15 years. He has been a serious drag racer for the past 20 years with his family both working and racing together. Gregg’s parents, Jerry and Carol Burgess have been major supporters and have participated in the dream of building I-22 Motorsports Park. Gregg’s children are also involved in racing. He has two sons, Kyle and Hunter and a daughter, Courtney. Gregg is looking forward to racing his 1957 Chevy Corvette at the facility that he, Scott and Bill have worked so hard to build.

* New Drag Racing Facility Completed in 2009
* Solid Concrete Racing Surface
* 2300 ft. Long
* 55 ft. wide
* Conveniently Located 1 Mile From I-22 at Exit 39
* National Coverage of Heads Up Races
* Family Oriented Programs
* Junior Dragsters Run Weekly
* Footbrake Run Weekly
* Fast 8 Run Monthly
* Heads Up Run Monthly
* VP and Other Racing Fuels Sold Onsite
* Family Owned and Operated

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