Bird’s Hay Bale Art Farm

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Many motorists driving along Highway 43 between Demopolis, Alabama and Eutaw, Alabama have done a double-take when they see Bird’s Farm for the first time.  Bird’s Farm is a large field beside Highway 43 that contains many amusing and imaginative creations, most of which were made with large bales of hay. The hay bale creations include a ship on rough seas, a rabbit, a helicopter, an army tank, a matador in trouble with a bull, three monkeys that represent “hear no evil”, “see no evil” and “speak no evil”, an octopus devouring a seaman, a pink muscle car, and several other amusing creations. 

Bird’s Farm also has several creations that contain no hay bales. These include Snoopy crashing the Red Baron’s airplane into a tree, and a towering 32-foot Tin Man that was made with bathtubs, 55-gallon drums, an old fuel tank, a rusted out fertilizer spreader and other scrapped materials.

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