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Alabama History As Told by Melvin Cane

Indian Villages in Alabama   ALABAMA INDIAN VILLAGES, TOWNS AND SETTLEMENTS INDEX PAGE Alabama has been the home of  indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Over 100 Indian villages and towns have been identified and research leads to believe there are many more not yet identified. Our research is ongoing therefore you must consider there […]



ALABAMA CREEK INDIAN TRIBES NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES OF ALABAMA INDEX Muscogee Creek Nation Alabama Also called the Muscogee, the Creek were made up of several separate tribes that occupied Georgia and Alabama in the American Colonial Period. One of the Five Civilized Tribes, they formed the Creek Confederacy with other Muscogean speaking tribes, the Alabama, […]

Fort Sinquefield

The Dog Charge At Fort Sinquifield

Fort Sinquefield Fort Sinquefield is the historic site of a wooden stockade fortification in Clarke County, Alabama, near the modern town of Grove Hill. It was built by early Clarke County pioneers as protection during the Creek War and was attacked in 1813 by Creek warriors. A marker was erected at the site by Clarke […]


Ochuse A port and neighboring town, on the Gulf coast, either on Mobile or Pensacola Bay, in which the DeSoto fleet wintered, 1540. Thought to be the present Mobile Bay. (P. A. B.) Aboriginal Towns In Alabama Handbook of the Alabama Anthropological Society, 1920


Piachi Visited by DeSoto Oct. 13, 1540. Battle crossing mountain stream gorge below town, two Spaniards killed, along with principal Indians accompanying chief. Later historians said located eastern bank Black Warrior River near Sawyerville, previously known as Sawyers Depot, Hale County, at site of dead town Erie. W. Stuart Harris, Dead Towns of Alabama (1977). […]