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People, places and things of Alabama that are famous , infamous or just widely known or talked about. 

Alabama has its list of terrifying historical figures and serial killers. Follow our short stories  about Alabamians with a horrific dark side.

a watercolor self portrait of Hillis Hadjo from 1815 - SIGNIFICANCE: Creek Religious Leader PLACE OF BIRTH: Near Montgomery, Alabama DATE OF BIRTH: c. 1770 PLACE OF DEATH: Fort San Marcos de Apalache, Florida DATE OF DEATH: April 8, 1818

Hillis Hadjo or  Hilis Hadsho: Creek Indian Chief

His native name has been written with a variety of spellings in English: Hilis, Hildis, and Hidlis. His last name is found as Hadgo, Hadsho, and Haya. There are also combined forms found, such as Hillishago and Hillishager. “The English always referred to him as Hidlis Hadjo.” In a letter, Andrew Jackson called him “Hillishageer”.

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Tukabatchee: Town of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy

In October 1811 at the Creek town of Tukabatchee, on the banks of the Tallapoosa River, the so-called National Council gathered to consider if and how to take advantage of the Federal Road. The famed Shawnee Chief Tecumseh rose to address the leaders present from a number of the various Creek tribes living in the Mississippi Territory, and the assembly grew quiet.

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The Miracle of Mobile Bay

This story is not fiction. It is an amazing account of an episode in connection with the naval battle in Mobile bay, on August 5 1864, when the monitor Tecumseh was sunk in action. The names in the story, as told by Rear Admiral Goodrich, are real, and with the historic facts set forth are in the records of the great Civil war.

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