Bayou La Batre … the Photographer’s Southern Venue

Bayou La Batre Alabama

Location of Bayou La Batre in Mobile County, Alabama. Coordinates: 30°24′11″N 88°14′53″W

Bayou La Batre Alabama is a small coastal town of 2,600 located in south Mobile County Alabama. It is a major seafood processing center and shipbuilding area. It’s also a photographer’s dream with a drawbridge, small boatyards, and a large fleet of colorful shrimping trawlers.

Bayou La Batre was the first permanent settlement on the south Mobile County mainland and was founded in 1786, when French-born Joseph Bouzage (Bosarge) [1733-1795] was awarded a 1,259-acre Spanish land grant on the West Bank of the bayou. The modern City of Bayou La Batre was incorporated in 1955.

The Black Pearl at Dockside in Bayou La Batre Alabama
The Black Pearl at Dockside in Bayou La Batre Alabama

Bayou La Batre was featured in the 1994 film Forrest Gump and the book upon which it is based. In April 2005, Disney Studios launched a secretly built pirate ship, the Black Pearl, out of Bayou La Batre for filming sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Bayou La Batre’s seafood industry also serves as a centerpiece for the History channel’s reality documentary series Big Shrimpin’.




Bayou La Batre is located at 30°24′12″N 88°14′53″W (30.403253, -88.248117).[13]


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