Hamilton Hills

Hamilton Hills

1530 County Road 59
Carlowville AL 36761


Hamilton Hills Carlowville AL 36761
Hunting In Alabama

Doug and Lyle Smith
Owners — Hamilton Hills Lodge


  • Deer
  • Gun


  • Overnight Lodging
  • Meals Provided
  • Game Preparation
  • Television

Hamilton Hills Lodge is a family owned whitetail deer hunting lodge. We limit the size of our hunting groups to allow over 1,000 acres per hunter. All of our hunting stands are enclosed “shooting towers” elevated 11 feet off the ground and are very comfortable during rain, cold, and windy conditions. You will hunt winter cereal grain and clover food plots and greenfields, woodland trails and scrapelines, hardwood bottoms, timber clearcuts and cutovers.

At Hamilton Hills we believe the condition of our deer herd produced through our Quality Deer Management techniques, our hunting facilities, guide experience, and individual attention will allow you to have a truly enjoyable, rewarding, and successful hunting experience.

Please visit our Web Site: www.hamiltonhillslodge.com for more detailed information.