Palisades Park

Blount County Palisades Park offers a relaxing atmosphere with scenic views atop of Ebell Mountain. The park has been enjoyed by visitors since November of 1973.

The 100 acre park is owned by Blount County and is one of Blount County’s “best kept secret”. Palisades Park is located in the foothills of the Southern Appalachians. The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Maine to north central Alabama.

The eastern bluff of Ebell Mountain has long been a favorite scenic area of Blount County. This wooded area at one of the highest elevations in the county was chosen as the site for Palisades Park. The most obvious function is an overlook point. The main feature is a sheer sandstone bluff averaging about 60-70 feet in height and extending across the property for more than a 1/4 mile.1

It is a wooded area and well suited for outdoor recreation.

Palisades Park has three rustic indoor lodges (Amilea Porter Center, Dalton Moss Lodge and D.S. Loyd Building) perfect for business meetings, family reunions, parties, church outings, weddings or for any occasion you may have. Each building has a full kitchen, 6 ft tables with chairs, restrooms and will accommodate 100 people. (Cooking ware and utensils are not provided)

Palisades Park | Oneonta Alabama | Blount County Alabama
Palisades Park | Oneonta Alabama | Blount County Alabama

Park pavilions are great to hold a birthday party, family or church gathering, school picnic or any special occasion you have. The park has six outdoor pavilions in the park with picnic tables, electrical outlets & charcoal grills near by. Renters are welcome to bring their own grills so long as they are not used under the pavilion roof.

The pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served bases or you can reserve a pavilion for the day.



Rock climbing and rappelling has become a popular activity here at Palisades, with approximately a 1/4 mile of bluff side and 60-70 ft cliffs at a 1300-ft elevation.

Palisades Park | Oneonta Alabama | Blount County Alabama
Palisades Park | Oneonta Alabama | Blount County Alabama

Bring the whole family for a day of picnicking at several sites throughout the park. There are three indoor lodges, six outdoor pavilions, several rock tables, barbeque grills, swings, gazebos, small covered bridge and the rock amphitheater. The playground area is especially popular with the younger people.

Take a hike on approximately 2 miles of nature trails. The 80 acre facility has a variety of plants, trees and wildlife for your enjoyment.

A restored homestead of older buildings are also on display at the park including the Daniel Murphree cabin, Blackwood cabin, Compton school house, a log barn and meditation chapel.  Visit the history page for more information.

Christmas time in the park during the month of December is a winter wonderland of lights and thousand of visitors from all over to come see them.

Palisades Park
1225 Palisades Parkway
Oneonta, Alabama 35121
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