Dauphin Island Metal Detecting

Dauphin Island Alabama Metal Detecting

I found my first buried treasure when I was eight years old. It was in the surf at Dauphin Island, Alabama and although I could not see it with my eyes, my feet followed the outline of a rectangular object while my mind showed me a treasure chest full of gold and jewels.

I called for my father to help and the poor man came running down the beach as fast as he could. Out of breath from running to my rescue, he did help me recover the treasure – a barnacle encrusted concrete block.

Over the years I have recovered a few items by chance but they are insignificant when compared to the true treasure finds I have been witness to. On two occassions, both as a representative of different levels of government agencies, I was present for the recovery of millions of dollars in gold and artifacts.

Now retired, I pretty much do what I like, but most days I am searching for something – doing research on anything Alabama. I enjoy the spaces between the places and, to me, the quest is more enjoyable than the discovery. Alabama is a remarkable state. We really do have it all. If you are in to metal detecting, prospecting or relic hunting, our state flag shows you where to look.

Dauphin Island Metal Detecting Laws

Town of Dauphin Island
1011 Bienville Boulevard
Dauphin Island, Alabama, 36528
(251) 861-5525