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Abbeville Junction was the former name of Grimes Alabama.

The name changed to Grimes in 1893 after a railroad depot was established, connecting it to Abbeville via the Abbeville Southern Railway. Grimes was first incorporated in May 1912, but it never actually formed a city government. Its articles of incorporation were dissolved in November 1947.

The National Register of Historic Places mentions Abbeville Junction:

The first train into Headland arrived in late September of 1893 when the section of tracks between Headland and Abbeville Junction (Grimes) was completed. On Monday, November 27, 1893 the first train over the entire Abbeville Southern Line made its way through Headland and into Abbeville where it was met by large crowds and a band welcoming train service to the area. A reception inAbbeville formally opening the railroad line was held on November 30 and was attended by Mr. Henry B. Plant, President of the Plant Investment Company who backed construction of the railroad. Mr.Plant arrived at the ceremonies in his private palace car and was greeted by a large crowd of people and local officials.

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