Chickasaw Indian Tribe in Alabama

Chicasa Land tracts in Parts of Tennessee and Alabama

The Chickasaw Tribe had a few settlements in northwestern Alabama, part of which State was within their hunting territories. At one time they also had a town called Ooe-asa (Wi-aca) among the Upper Creeks. (See Mississippi.)

Choctaw Indian Tribe in Alabama

Map of the Indian Tribes of North America about 1600 A.D.

Choctaw Indian Tribe in Alabama A Muscogean based tribe, the Choctaw is similar to the Creek Confederation. The Choctaw evolved from multiple smaller tribes that shared similar language and culture. The Choctaw (in the Choctaw language, Chahta) are a Native American people originally occupying what is now the Southeastern United States (modern-day Alabama, Florida, Mississippi […]


Map of the Creek Cession according to the 1814 treaty

Abikakutchee was another Upper Creek Indian town located in Talladega County. The site was first recorded on maps in 1733 and a census in 1760 listed 130 Indian warriors living there.