Fort Bibb

Fort Bibb Named for Alabama Territorial Governor William Wyatt Bibb, Fort Bibb was built in winter 1817-1818 to protect settlers from Creek Indian attacks. It was said to be a stockade enclosing Capt. James Saffold’s home at the Flats (Pine Flats). Col. Sam Dale helped strengthen in spring 1818 as he and his militia built […]

Camp Wheeler

During the Spanish American War the post was reestablished as Camp Wheeler and later renamed Camp Albert G. Forse. The camp was an organizing and training post for the 4th Army Corps whose second commander was Major General Joseph Wheeler, the former Confederate General, who volunteered for service during the Spanish American War. The camp was originally named for General Wheeler who changed the name himself to Camp Albert G. Forse after a Major killed at San Juan Hill.

Fort Bainbridge

Fort Bainbridge Fort Bainbridge, believed to be named in honor of naval captain William Bainbridge, was a military supply fort located along the Federal Road on what is today the county line between Macon and Russell counties in Alabama. It was either constructed in late 1813 or early 1814 by Georgia troops under the command […]