Consolation Church Cemetery, Red Level Alabama

The Sinister Sepulchre: Oakey Streak Methodist Church

Red Level, Convington County, Alabama

Located at the intersection of Halso Mill Road and Oakey Streak Road in Butler County, Alabama. The tiny church, popular rural legend in south-central Alabama near the Florida panhandle, has the misfortune of a plague of paranormal phenomenon: ghosts, hellhounds, and strange wailings, and other disturbances are told of the Oakey Streak Methodist Church near Red Level, Alabama.

Albertville Alabama Avenue Middle School


Albertville, Marshall County, Alabama: Alabama Avenue Middle School is haunted for unknown reasons. At night, doors are known to slam on their own, accompanied by flickering lights. Students at the school have reported locking their lockers, heaving, and then coming back to find their lockers unlocked.

Redmont Hotel Guests have reported some unusual incidents, including doors that open and close themselves and furniture or baggage moving around of its own accord

Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama: Strange occurrences such as the opening of doors and movement of furniture or baggage have been reported by guests of the Redmont Hotel in Birmingham Alabama.

Little Vine Cemetery

Little Vine Cemetery in Empire Alabama

Empire, Walker County, Alabama. Explore Alabama Ghosts and Haunted Places. Little Vine Cemetery near the Little Vine Church in Empire, Alabamais said to possess a faint green light that appears above the gravestones at night. Motorists have seen the light as they drove by the cemetery, but little else out of the ordinary seems to occur at Little Vine.

Fort Morgan Alabama

Twelfth of twelve photographs documenting the bombardment of Fort Morgan, Alabama, by Union troops in August 1864.

Explore Alabama Ghosts and Haunted Places – Fort Morgan, in Baldwin County, Alabama, was built in 1819 was in use during the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and World War II.
It is rumored that visitors can hear the cries and screams of men late into the night, and they have seen the ghost of a solitary woman searching for justice after being killed at the fort.

The Bride of Bayview Bridge

The Bride Ghost of Bayview Bridge in Mulga Alabama

Bayview, Jefferson County, Alabama
Do not stop your car on the bridge. The lady will get appear in your passenger seat. Everyone in the area knows that bridge is haunted. Some nights she can be seen in her wedding attire near the bridge looking for her Groom. Do not stop your car on the bridge.
Some say slaves twere hung from the bridge as well.

St James Hotel in Selma Alabama Considered Most Haunted Place in Alabama

The St James Hotel in Selma Alabama Considered One of the Most Haunted Places in Alabama

Selma, Dallas County, Alabama
It is believed that a few different spirits enjoy spending their time in the building – in the afterlife. Two of the apparent hauntings that are said to occur include that of the popular outlaw, Jesse James.