DeKalb County Alabama Map

DeKalb County was once a part of the territory occupied by the Cherokee Indian nation. The coming of white men to the county occurred during the American Revolution when a British agent, Alexander Campbell, was sent here for the purpose of arousing the Cherokees against the southern colonies. In 1777, Campbell made his headquarters at Wills Town, a Cherokee Indian village located on Big Wills Creek near the present community of Lebanon. Campbell was successful in arousing a number of the Cherokees by promising them clothing and conquered territory in exchange for the scalps of white settlers.

Wills Valley Alabama

Wills Valley is associated with some of the earliest historical events in northern Alabama. Will’s Town, a famous Indian trading post, named for Red-Headed Will, a half-breed Cherokee chief, was founded about 1770 on Big Wills Creek, just above the present village of Lebanon, and was a place of importance in Cherokee history.