Union Springs Alabama

Union Springs Alabama

Union Springs Alabama is a city in and county seat of Bullock County, Alabama. The population is 3,980. Union Springs is home to antebellum homes and one of the oldest jails in the state as well as cemeteries dating back 200 years.

Union Springs Alabama
Union Springs Alabama

Union Springs Alabama History

Union Springs became quite prosperous prior to the Civil War, boasting of numerous factories, tanneries, hotels and mercantile shops. An early account described Union Springs as a “healthy land where lived the wealthiest plantations.” Following the war, in 1866, portions of Macon, Montgomery, Barbour and Pike counties were brought together to form Bullock County, named in honor of Confederate hero Col. E. C. Bullock.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Union Springs flourished. Two major railroads intersected in Union Springs, making the city an important hub of the state, and the South. The booming industry and commerce in the city made many inhabitants very wealthy, which led to the many graceful Southern mansions being built all around Union Springs.

Today, Union Springs has a very relaxed pace of living. Economic development and thriving industries provide the backbone of a close-knit community committed to preserving its history. The National Register of Historic Places lists 47 homes and businesses that have been preserved as standing monuments to Union Springs’ illustrious past. Reflections of antebellum times are seen in such homes as the Hunter-Anderson-Yeomens House, the oldest home in town, built in 1843, and the Bonus-Foster-Chapman House built in 1852.

The community’s Red Door Theatre, established in 2002 and located in a more than century old, former Episcopal Church (1909), rapidly received an outstanding reputation as a quality regional theatre, offering audiences the opportunity to experience entertaining productions in an intimate 140-seat setting. The theatre’s mission is to celebrate the region’s heritage, culture, and future—every year, four plays are produced with each having a cherished connection to the South and her citizens.

Union Springs Alabama Attractions & Events

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  • Veterans Day (November 11 at 11:00 a.m., except when November 11 falls on Sunday)

Recognized as the Bird Dog Field Trial Capital of the World, people from around the nation converge on Union Springs each February for the bird dog field trials held at Sedgefield Plantation.