Coffee County Alabama

Coffee County Alabama History

The land in Coffee County was originally part of Dale County, which was incorporated in 1824. Coffee County was formed from the western part of Dale County on December 29, 1841. It was named after John R. Coffee, a soldier in the Creek War of 1813—14. The first county seat was in Wellborn. After the courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1851, the county seat was moved to Elba.

Coffee County Historical Destinations

Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise

The Huey Helicopter and Wall of Freedom in Enterprise

Pea River Historical Society Depot Museum in Enterprise


Coffee County Alabama Cities

Elba Alabama

Elba is a city in Coffee County, Alabama, United States. At the time of the 2010 U.S. census, its population was 3,940. Elba is the county seat of Coffee County; it is located at the juncture of Whitewater Creek and Pea River.

The town was first known as Bridgeville in the early 1830s after a ferry was built to connect east-west traffic across the Pea River; in 1850 the name was changed to Bentonville in honor of Col. Thomas H. Benton, who fought in the Creek War of 1813-14. On December 8, 1851, citizens agreed to choose a different name; suggested names were placed in a hat and Elba, after the island to which Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled, was the one selected. Elba became the official name in 1852, and it was designated the county seat that same year. The town was incorporated officially on April 13, 1853.

Enterprise Alabama

Well known for its Boll Weevil Monument. Enterprise is a city in the southeastern part of Coffee County and the southwestern part of Dale County in southeastern Alabama.

Coffee County Alabama Towns

Kinston Alabama

Kinston is a town in Coffee County. At the 2010 census the population was 540.

New Brockton Alabama


Coffee County Alabama Communities

Alberton Alabama

Basin Alabama

Basin is an unincorporated community in Coffee County. Basin is located along Alabama State Route 189, 6.2 miles southwest of Elba.

Battens Crossroads Alabama

Battens Crossroads, also known as Union Academy, is an unincorporated community in Coffee County. Battens Crossroads is located along Alabama State Route 27, 13.9 miles southeast of Elba.

Brooklyn Alabama

Brooklyn is an unincorporated community in Coffee County, located 5.4 miles east-northeast of Opp.

Central City Alabama

Clintonville Alabama

Curtis Alabama

Damascus Alabama

Danleys Crossroads Alabama

Frisco Alabama

Goodman Alabama

Ino Alabama

Jack Alabama

Jack is an unincorporated community in Coffee County, Alabama, United States. Jack is located on Alabama State Route 87, 11.7 miles (18.8 km) north-northeast of Elba. Jack has a post office with ZIP code 36346.

Java Alabama

Java is an unincorporated community in Coffee County,

Keyton Alabama 

Keyton is an unincorporated community in Coffee County, Alabama, United States. Keyton is located along Alabama State Route 167, 2.4 miles (3.9 km) southeast of downtown Enterprise. Most of Keyton lies within the Enterprise city limits.

Pine Level Alabama

Richburg Alabama

Roeton Alabama

Tabernacle Alabama

Victoria Alabama


Fort Rucker Alabama

In 1936, the federal government’s Farm Security Administration, in an effort to increase farm prices, purchased 32,000 acres of land on the eastern border of Coffee County that they planned to transform into a wilderness reservation. Known as Bear Farm, the land was transferred to the War Department in January 1942 to serve as a training site for soldiers during World War II. Named Camp Rucker for Confederate colonel Edmund Rucker, the training base became Fort Rucker in 1955. Fort Rucker became the Army Air Corp’s headquarters when flight training was consolidated at the base in 1973. Air Force helicopter pilots have trained at the base since 1971.

Credit: Encyclopedia of Alabama

Coffee County Alabama Ghost Towns

Alberton Alabama

Latitude N31 16.670′ Longitude W86 07.545

31°16’40.2″N 86°07’32.7″W

31.277833, -86.125750

Clintonvelle Alabama

Latitude N31 24.434′ Longitude W85 53.643′

31°24’26.0″N 85°53’38.6″W

31.407233, -85.894050

Damascus Alabama

Latitude N31 19.231′ Longitude W86 00.270′

31°19’13.9″N 86°00’16.2″W

31.320517, -86.004500

Dismukes Alabama

Latitude N31 36.372′ Longitude W85 58.066′

31°36’22.3″N 85°58’04.0″W

31.606200, -85.967767

31°36’22.3″N 85°58’04.0″W

31.606200, -85.967767

Java Alabama

Latitude N31 33.473′ Longitude W85 50.625′

31°33’28.4″N 85°50’37.5″W

31.557883, -85.843750

Keyton Alabama

Latitude N31 16.964′ Longitude W85 49.526′

31°16’57.8″N 85°49’31.6″W

31.282733, -85.825433

Richiburg Alabama

Latitude N31 23.807′ Longitude W85 57.639′

31°23’48.4″N 85°57’38.3″W

31.396783, -85.960650

Tabernacle Alabama

Latitude N31 27.072′ Longitude W85 52.281′

31°27’04.3″N 85°52’16.9″W

31.451200, -85.871350


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