Location of Conecuh County Alabama
Location of Conecuh County Alabama

Conecuh County population is ~13,228. Its county seat is Evergreen, Alabama. Its name is believed to be derived from a Creek Indian term meaning “land of cane.”

Conecuh County Alabama History


Conecuh County was established by Alabama on February 13, 1818. Some of its territory was taken in 1868 by the Republican state legislature during the Reconstruction era to establish Escambia County. Located in the coastal plain, 19th century Conecuh County was an area of plantations and cotton cultivation, and it is still quite rural today.

Conecuh County Historical Destinations

Evergreen-Conecuh County Public Library


Historic Evergreen Train Depot


The Old Paul Post O”ce


Brown Hawkins Rural Learning Center


Booker’s Mill


Conecuh County Alabama Cities

Evergreen Alabama

Evergreen is a city in Conecuh County. As of the 2010 census the population was 3,944. The city is the county seat of Conecuh County. Early settlers to the area came from Georgia and South Carolina beginning in 1818. Evergreen was founded officially in 1819 when Revolutionary War veteran James Cosey and several other men settled within the present limits of the city. The Reverend Alexander Travis first called the town by its present name of Evergreen for the abundance of surrounding green foliage, plants, and ferns.

Conecuh County Alabama Towns

Castleberry Alabama

Castleberry is a town in Conecuh County. At the 2010 census the population was 583. Castleberry is known as the “Strawberry Capital of Alabama” and is home to the annual Castleberry Strawberry Festival. Strawberries continue to be an important segment of the Castleberry economy, and in 1987 the governor declared it the Strawberry Capital of Alabama.

The community that now encompasses Castleberry was first settled in 1817 by the Baggett family. The Castleberry family, whose name the town now bears, moved to the area in 1830. Their residence became a relay stop, known as Castleberry’s, on a stagecoach route that came through town. The establishment of the stagecoach stop soon brought hotels, a blacksmith shop, and a turpentine still to the town, and the first public school opened in 1854. The name was formalized as Castleberry in the 1860s when the Mobile and Montgomery Railroad built a line through town.

McKenzie Alabama

McKenzie straddles the border in south-central Butler and northeast Conecuh County in the south-central part of the state; most of the town is in Butler County.

The town of McKenzie sprang up around a branch line of the Alabama and Florida Railroad to Andalusia, Covington County, around 1899. Originally called Persimmon Creek, in 1900 the town was named after Bethune Beaton McKenzie, a Civil War veteran, a civil engineer responsible for building a number of railroad lines in Alabama, and a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1901.
By 1905 the town had a sawmill, a cotton gin, several general stores, and a drugstore. The town incorporated in 1913.

Repton Alabama

Repton is a town in Conecuh County. It was incorporated on January 10, 1899. At the 2010 census the population was 282.In the early twentieth century, Repton was an active railroad town and derived its name from the surname of a local railroad official. It supported several banks, a number of stores, a cotton gin, and a hospital.

Conecuh County Alabama Communities

Brooklyn Alabama

Brooklyn is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. Brooklyn is located on the southern border of Conecuh County, 16.1 miles southeast of Evergreen. Brooklyn had a post office until it closed on November 19, 2011; it still has its own ZIP code, 36429.

A History of Brooklyn

Centerville Alabama

Centerville is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County, located near the communities of Battleground, Westpoint, and Longview.

Lenox Alabama

Lenox is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. Lenox is 10 miles west-northwest of Castleberry. Lenox had a post office until it closed on June 13, 1998; it still has its own ZIP code, 36454.

Loree Alabama

Loree is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. Loree was named in honor of the daughter of Archie F. Davis, who served as the first postmaster. Loree was formerly home to a school, sawmill, cotton gin, and syrup mill.

A post office operated under the name Loree from 1904 to 1909.

Nymph Alabama

Nymph is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. A post office operated under the name Nymph from 1901 to 1927.

Range Alabama

Range is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. Range is located along Alabama State Route 41, 6.7 miles south of Repton. Range has a post office with ZIP code 36473.

Spring Hill Alabama

Bermuda Alabama

Conecuh County Alabama Ghost Towns

Cohassett Alabama

Cohassett, also known as Lowell, is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. A post office operated under the name Cohassett from 1880 to 1919. According to U.S. Postal records, the community of Cohassett (or Cohasset) was also called Sowell and Almarant. Sowell post office was established in 1877 and changed to Cohassett in 1880. Almarant was established in 1880 and then closed in 1886.

Latitude N31 23.41′ Longitude W86 41.36′

31°23’24.6″N 86°41’21.6″W

31.390167, -86.689333

Commerce Alabama

Latitude N31 40.916′ Longitude W86 58.034′

31°40’55.0″N 86°58’02.0″W

31.681933, -86.967233

Melrose Alabama

Latitude N31 20.950′ Longitude W86 44.209′

31°20’57.0″N 86°44’12.5″W

31.349167, -86.736817

Old Sparta Alabama

Latitude N31 21.783′ Longitude W86 59.239′

Paul Alabama

Paul, also known as New Providence, is an unincorporated community in Conecuh County. Paul was named for Paul the Apostle. Paul was settled in the 1870s by immigrants from South Carolina.

Latitude N31 19.205′ Longitude W86 44.635′

31°19’12.3″N 86°44’38.1″W

31.320083, -86.743917


Conecuh County Alabama Historic Sites

Conecuh County has three sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Asa Johnston Farmhouse

Louisville and Nashville Depot

New Evergreen Commercial Historic District

Conecuh County Alabama Zipcodes

ZIP Code Classification City Population Timezone Area Code(s)
ZIP Code 36401 General Evergreen 8,314 Central 251
ZIP Code 36429 P.O. Box Brooklyn 0 Central 251
ZIP Code 36432 General Castleberry 2,420 Central 251
ZIP Code 36454 General Lenox 51 Central 251
ZIP Code 36473 General Range 106 Central 251
ZIP Code 36475 General Repton 2,208 Central 251

Conecuh County Alabama Revenue Commissioner

Jimmy Bell, Revenue Commissioner
Conecuh County Courthouse
111 Court Square
Evergreen, AL 36401
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Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 533

P: (251) 578-7019
F: (251) 578-7002
P: (251) 578-7026 Appraisal Office

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