Fayette County Alabama

Fayette County Alabama

Fayette County Alabama Map
Fayette County Alabama Map


The first recorded visit to the Fayette area was by the explorer Hernando DeSoto and his band in the year 1540. He traversed the Sipsey River, Coal Fire Creek, Bear Creek, Buttahatchee, and Luxapalilla Creek as he passed through during his search for gold and treasures. From that time it would be over 250 years before the northwest Alabama area would be visited by settlers.

Fayette County population 1s 17,241. Its county seat is Fayette, Alabama.


Fayette County Alabama Cities: 

Fayette Alabama

Located in the Southern Automotive Corridor, Fayette is near several of the world’s major automobile producers. With two home grown second tier companies, Fayette Fabrication and Custom Automotive Services, located in the city, Fayette has grown to provide skilled workers and products to this expanding segment of our state and regional economy.

Winfield Alabama

Originally called Luxapallila, the Winfield area has been inhabited by settlers of European descent since the 1830s.

Fayette County Alabama Towns:

Belk Alabama

Belk is located in western Fayette County. It is on the east side of the valley of Luxapalilla Creek, a southwest-flowing tributary of the Tombigbee River. Alabama State Route 96 runs through the town, leading northeast 7 miles to Fayette, the county seat, and southwest 12 miles to Millport. Columbus, Mississippi, is 34 miles to the southwest.

Berry Alabama

Thompson Berry settled in this area in the 1840s. Berry devoted most of his time raising cattle and farming. As time passed, he became the owner of a gin and gristmill and several thousand acres of land in Fayette County. In 1882-1883, the section of the Georgia-Pacific Railroad which connected Birmingham, Alabama and Columbus, Mississippi was built. Arrangements were made with Mrs. Ben Jefferies and Mrs. Eliza Harvey to locate a depot approximately midway between the two cities. The depot was named Berry for Thompson Berry, the first settler in the area and father of Mrs. Jefferies and Mrs. Harvey.

In November 1883, the town of Berry was incorporated; the town limits being set by measuring one mile in all directions from a public well dug a short distance from the depot. The first store and post office was operated from a boxcar by Ab. Seay even before the track of the railroad was completely laid.

Glen Allen Alabama

Glen Allen is a small town located in the northern most end of Fayette County. A portion of the town limits cross over into Marion County, but the town is one of four incorporated municipalities located within Fayette County. First known as Stewart’s Gap after a post office located there in 1877, Glen Allen derived its current name from the last names of two engineers who worked on the railroad (probably the Kansas City, Memphis, and Birmingham) that came through the area in 1885. The town was laid out along the rail line in 1889 and lots were sold.

Gu-Win Alabama

Gu-Win’s unusual name is reportedly taken from a combination of two neighboring towns it lies between, Guin and Winfield. When first established, the community was known as Ear Gap and grew up along a railroad line. In the 1950s, citizens in nearby Guin sought to annex Ear Gap, but residents wanted to remain independent and decided to incorporate. Another source for the name origin comes from a theater located in the present-day town, the Gu-Win Drive-In Theater, which was owned by George Thornton. Thornton reportedly convinced locals to name the community Gu-Win after spending substantial money on a new marquee featuring the theater name. Thornton also was the first mayor of the town. 

Credit: Encyclopedia of Alabama

Fayette County Alabama Communities:

Bankston Alabama

Bankston (formerly, Bank’s Tank, Bucksnort, and Byler) is an unincorporated community in Fayette County. Bankston is located on U.S. Route 43, 10.6 miles (17.1 km) east of Fayette.

Bazemore Alabama

Bazemore is a small community located in northern Fayette County near the Marion and Walker County lines, approximately three miles south of I-22. The community is situated at the head of the Sipsey River where New River and Little New River converge. The BNSF rail system runs through the heart of the community.

Bluff Alabama

Bluff is an unincorporated community in Fayette County. Bluff is located on Alabama State Route 107, 10.1 miles (16.3 km) north-northwest of Fayette.

Boley Springs Alabama

Boley Springs is an unincorporated community in Fayette County. A post office operated under the name Boley Springs from 1877 to 1887.

Hubbertville Alabama

Hubbertville is a rural incorporated area of Glen Allen located along the west bank of the Sipsey River in north-central Fayette County.

Newtonville Alabama

The Sipsey River, a tributary of the Tombigbee River flows through the center of the county, while the North River, a tributary of the Upper Black Warrior River, flows through the eastern half. Luxapalila Creek, a tributary of the Upper Tombigbee River, flows south to north through the western half of the county. U.S. 43 runs south to north through the north-central and eastern portions of the county.

The Sipsey River is one of the last free-flowing swamp streams in Alabama. The river is popular with canoers and fishermen.

Fayette County Alabama Ghost Towns

Alta Alabama

Latitude N33 40.255′ Longitude W87 31.905′
33°40’15.3″N 87°31’54.3″W
33.670917, -87.531750

Bear Alabama

Latitude N33 31.730′ Longitude W87 54.039′
33°31’43.8″N 87°54’02.3″W
33.528833, -87.900650

Bobo Alabama

Latitude N33 52.647′ Longitude W87 49.351′
33°52’38.8″N 87°49’21.1″W
33.877450, -87.822517

Boley Springs Alabama

Latitude N33 38.582′ Longitude W87 30.602′
33°38’34.9″N 87°30’36.1″W
33.643033, -87.510033

Davis Creek Alabama

Latitude N33 38.585′ Longitude W87 43.654′
33°38’35.1″N 87°43’39.2″W
33.643083, -87.727567

Major Alabama

Latitude N33 53.997′ Longitude W87 51.400′
33°53’59.8″N 87°51’24.0″W
33.899950, -87.856667

Stough Alabama

Latitude N33 41.736′ Longitude W87 44.665′
33°41’44.2″N 87°44’39.9″W
33.695600, -87.744417


Fayette County Alabama Historic Destinations

Fayette Civic Center and Art Museum – Fayette

Fayette Depot Museum – Fayette

Golden Eagle Syrup – Fayette

Fayette County Alabama Map and Sites of Interest

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