Monroe County Alabama Ghost Towns

Monroe County Alabama Ghost Towns

Claiborne Alabama

Situated near the Federal Road, Claiborne began during the Mississippi Territory period with a ferry over the river. During the Creek War a large stockade fort, named Fort Claiborne, was established at the site by General Ferdinand Claiborne. He used the fort as a base for the invasion of the Creek nation with the Regular Army of the United States, the Lower Tombigbee Militia, and friendly Choctaw. The community of Claiborne began in 1816, on the former fort site.

Source: Wikipedia contributors, “Claiborne, Alabama,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Bells Landing Alabama

Latitude N31 47.813′ Longitude W97 25.298′ 31.80337, -87.41109
Located five miles north of Franklin Alabama.
For addional information on the area, see:  Bell’s Landing Presbyterian Church at Bell’s Landing, AL (established 1819, present church built ca. 1927)

Finchburg Alabama

Dates from 1891. About two miles west-southwest of Wainwright Alabama

Location: 31.6426200658589, -87.51335713005668

Hixon Alabama

About four miles east-northeast of Claiborne Alabama.

31.57301666666667, -87.42605

Homewood Alabama

Latitude N31 22.179′ Longitude W87 35.962′ 31.36666666666667, -87.59933333333333

About six miles northeast of Chrysler Alabama. West of intersection of County Road 1 and railroad tracks.

Manistee Alabama

Manistee is an unincorporated community in Monroe County.Manistee was a logging town, and was home to the Manistee Mill Company, Bear Creek Mill Company and Runyan-Burgoyne Lumber Company.

Latitude N31 26.28′ Longitude W87 29.40′ / 31.441111, -87.494444
About five miles south-southwest of Perdue Hill Alabama.

Monroeton Alabama

Latitude N31 32.301′ Longitude W87 16.684′
About three miles east-northeast of Monroeville Alabama

Nadawah Alabama

Nadawah is a ghost town in Monroe County, Alabama. Nadawah appeared on the U.S. Censuses of 1920 and 1930 as an incorporated community. It disincorporated at some point in the 1930s.

Nadawah is located at 31.8143197°N 87.1722083°W

Nadawah was named for the Nadawah Lumber Company. The Nadawah Lumber Company operated 15 miles of standard-gauge railway from 1912 to 1928. Nadawah was formerly a sawmill town in the early 20th century, located about a mile south of Wilcox County Alabama and seven miles from Beatrice Alabama. The town was near the head of Flat Creek, along the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N). Besides the sawmill, it had a post office, school, hotel and stores. A post office operated under the name Nadawah from 1900 to 1967.