DeSoto Falls

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DeSoto Falls


DeSoto Falls Location

Desoto Falls in Mentone Alabama

Desoto Falls in Mentone Alabama

DeSoto Falls is a 104-foot waterfall located on the West Fork of the Little River near Mentone, Alabama, in DeSoto State Park. The falls have carved their own small canyon. They are named after Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto.


DeSoto Falls Video

Video by Chigger Farms

“Aerial of Desoto Falls – Little River Canyon – Mentone Alabama”

DeSoto Falls Facilities

The DeSoto Falls site is open daily during daylight hours. Visitors will enjoy a beautiful lake, picnic area and other facilities as well as the waterfall.
The amount of water going over the falls depends on the amount of rainfall. In the winter and early spring the water level is high. During the summer and early fall, the water level is much lower.

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