Gold in Clay County Alabama

Gold In Clay County Alabama

Clay County Alabama Gold Map

Placer gold is found in many streams in the county including Crooked Creek, Wesobulga Creek and the Tallapoosa River.

The Manning Placer, consist of old diggings along tributaries of Crooked creek, which were landmarks of 1830’s and 40’s. You will find thin quartz veins nearby that produce placer and lode gold.  The Tallapoosa River shoal sands show placer gold.

The Chinca Pina Property was an open cut, inclined shaft, with several prospect holes, with best panning in surface gravel contained placer gold. The Haraldson Mine was an old mine. The California Property was the site of 10 stamp mill and had gold obtainable by crushing and panning

South of Lineville, Alabama, in area streams emptying into Crooked Creek, the placers are said to be very rich.

Cragford district is located along far east side of Clay county and far west side of Randolph County you will find the Grizzle Property, it has veins in quartz to 30 feet deep and you could find rich specimen ore near surface, the mine was famous for free milling gold. The H. S. Bradley land had prospects that contained free milling gold. The Manning Placer, consist of old diggings along tributaries of Crooked creek, which were landmarks of 1830’s and 40’s. You will find thin quartz veins nearby that produce placer and lode gold. The Farrar Property, had a deep shaft and crosscut tunnel, worked before 1860 for lode gold. The Morris Property contained ore in formation that was traceable 1 mile northeast to the Tallapoosa River. The Tallapoosa River shoal sands show placer gold. At Wildcat Hollow, the Teakle Property consisted of a deep shaft known as the Orum Pit, produced lode gold. Adjacent to Wildcat Hollow, the Bradford Fraction produced lode gold. The Goldberg Mine, was an open cut, inclined pit, with veins 6-15 inches thick that contained gold with antimony, copper, traces of arsenic. The W. D. Mitchell’s Pine Hill Prospect was an 80 foot deep inclined shaft and pits along strike in ore body 14 ft. thick. The Bradford Ridge Mine was the most extensively prospected mine in the district and was the site of a 10 stamp mill contained gold, with some arsenopyrite. Between forks of White Oak and Wesobulga creeks you will find the Dawkins Property, which was the site of old 10 stamp mill and produced lode gold saved by amalgamation.

Erin, Alabama

South of Erin, Alabama in gravel bars of Gold Mines Creek, you will find placer gold, with sillimanite, pyrope garnets and talc.

Gold Mines In Clay County Alabama


Degrees Minutes Seconds:
Latitude: 33-19’33” N
Longitude: 085-52’01” W

Decimal Degrees:
Latitude: 33.3259461
Longitude: -85.8669085


Ashland Mining Co Gold Prospect

Benjamin Prospect

ID: 151068
Name: Benjamin Prospect
Class: Mine (Definitions)
Description: Gold prospect
Citation: Dean, Lewis S. and Otis M. Clarke, Jr. Mineral Resources of Clay County, Alabama: Special Map 212. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Geological Survey of Alabama, 1988.
Entry Date: 01-Dec-1990
*Elevation: 745/227
Sequence Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
1 33.2592828 -85.6541243 331533N 0853915W Lineville East

Brown Prospect

California Lode

Latitude: 33.2890025
Longitude: -85.9044094
GNIS ID: 151100

Carter Prospect

Latitude: 33.2140059
Longitude: -85.6952364
GNIS ID: 151049

Chinca-Pina Lode Prospect

Cockrell Placer Mine

Latitude: 33.2534495
Longitude: -85.6616245
GNIS ID: 151070

Crucible Prospect

Latitude: 33.3070576
Longitude: -85.8902425
GNIS ID: 151096

Dawkin’s Lode

Latitude: 33.2240058
Longitude: -85.674958
GNIS ID: 151048

Eley Gold Mine

Latitude: 33.3453898
Longitude: -85.8999651
GNIS ID: 151091

Farrar-Wallace Prospect

Latitude: 33.2401165
Longitude: -85.6741248
GNIS ID: 151045

Franklin Mine

Grizzel Prospect

Latitude: 33.2662269
Longitude: -85.6619022
GNIS ID: 151069

Haraldson Mine

Latitude: 33.3378899
Longitude: -85.9149655
GNIS ID: 151092

Harall Au Mine Harold Or Harral

Harold Gold Mine

Harwell Prospect

Hobbs Prospect

Horn’s Peak Mine

Latitude: 33.314835
Longitude: -85.9155211
GNIS ID: 151098

Idaho Mine

Latitude: 33.316224
Longitude: -85.8994094
GNIS ID: 151095

Knight’s Mill Prospect

Latitude: 33.2334499
Longitude: -85.6741247
GNIS ID: 151047

Lashley Property Prospect

Laurel Prospect

Little Samson Lode

Latitude: 33.3195572
Longitude: -85.8980206
GNIS ID: 151094

Manning Placer

Latitude: 33.2453942
Longitude: -85.6560687
GNIS ID: 151042

McLellan Mine

Latitude: 33.3301125
Longitude: -85.8849646
GNIS ID: 151093

Mitchell Prospect Number One

Latitude: 33.2315056
Longitude: -85.6635688
GNIS ID: 151043

Old Gold Mine

Pyriton Area

Walker Prospect

Latitude: 33.2265057
Longitude: -85.6674578
GNIS ID: 151046

W D Mitchell Prospect

Whatley Gold Mine

On forested hill crest adjacent to south side of south Yadkin River.

Latitude: 33.3140016
Longitude: -85.9394106
GNIS ID: 151110