Pushmataha Plantation

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Pushmataha Plantation | 374 James Road Lisman Alabma | Ph: 205-459-5739

Pushmataha Plantation | 374 James Road Lisman Alabma | Ph: 205-459-5739

Commercial hunting lodge in southwest Alabama offering whitetail deer, wild boar and Eastern turkey hunts.

Come experience the thrill of hunting at Pushmataha Plantation located in scenic Choctaw County where the outdoors is not just an adventure – It is a way of life!

Since 1998, owner Mark Ezell and his staff have dedicated themselves to providing their customers a memorable outdoors experience in a family style atmosphere.  Located in Choctaw County, Alabama, Pushmataha hunts over 16,000 acres of lush wildlife habitat managed to ensure that their hunters have an opportunity to harvest a trophy animal whether that trophy be a whitetail deer, Eastern turkey or a wild boar.  Hunters will have an opportunity to harvest their game from one of the 200 green fields or 150 morning stands on the property.


In 2007, Pushmataha took their hunting to the next level by constructing the “Chief’s Lodge”, a 12,000 square foot building featuring a 2,700 foot great room as well as 15 private rooms and baths. The “Chief’s Lodge” overlooks the fully-stocked private lake and features a 900 square foot commercial kitchen where Mrs. Jewel, Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Kim prepare the Southern style meals daily that our hunters have come to love.


Adjacent to the Chief’s Lodge is the “Scout Cabin” which was constructed circa 1900.  The Scout Cabin has been refurbished to provide guests with all the comforts of home without compromising the integrity and craftsmanship of the original structure.


Located just off Alabama Highway 10 and only minutes away from nearby Meridian, MS, Pushmataha Plantation not only offers avid hunters a chance to fulfill their dreams of that special kill but also provides ample space for corporate retreats, luncheons, and small, private events.  Visit us at www.alahunt.com to see what Pushmataha Plantation can do for you!  You may also reach us at 1-800-906-9663.

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