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The first major gold strike in Alabama occurred in 1830 at Blue Creek (Ripatoe Placer), a creek on Lake Mitchell near Clanton, Alabama, and Chestnut Creek, and significant gold discoveries continued throughout the coming years. Gold has been found throughout Talladega, Tallapoosa, Chambers, Coosa, Clay, Chilton, Elmore, Cleburne, and Randolph Counties.Gold is still being found in Alabama, mostly in the form of lode gold mining, also called hard rock mining and placer gold found in soils and gravel. Placer mining can be done by a lone prospector filling a pan with crushed ore or scooped sediment and washing away all but the fragments of placer gold. Lode mining requires a number of workers to remove ore, crush the ore and extract the gold from the ore. Public Gold Mining In Alabama
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A zone of lode and placer gold deposits extends in the Piedmont region from Alabama to Maryland.

Mulberry Creek Alabama Gold

Mulberry Creek Tributaries

Reports that all tributaries of Mulberry Creek contain gold. Mulberry Creek is a 45.4-mile-long waterway in central Alabama. It rises in Chilton County and farther downstream forms the boundary between Dallas County and Autauga County. It is a tributary of the Alabama River. Gold is present at a grade sufficient to have a strong effect on the economics of an excavation project.

Paintrock Alabama early 20th Century

Yuchi Gold Of Paint Rock Alabama

Paint Rock Alabama was first inhabited by Indians, then the white settlers came. One of Alabama’s most famous lost gold stories is the Yuchi Gold of Paint Rock Valley. The story says that somewhere just southeast of Huntsville, Alabama may lie a fortune in gold hidden in a cave. According to the local legend there is a cave loaded with gold ingots placed there by Spanish soldiers who were killed near Tuscaloosa Alabama by the Yuchi tribe around 1699. While transporting the gold to Florida the Spaniards were killed near Tuscaloosa Alabama.