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Here is what happened in Alabama in the year 1813.

On August 30th of 1813, Alabama had one of the bloodiest battles of the Creek War – the Fort Mims massacre: A force of Creeks belonging to the Red Sticks faction kill hundreds of settlers in Fort Mims in Alabama.

The War of 1812 was still going on and along with the Creek War, Alabama suffered some fearful times.

Here is a rundown of the year 1813 in Alabama. 

Blakeley Alabama

Overlooking the marshes of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta just north of Mobile is the site
of the Alabama ghost town of Blakeley.

Now a part of Historic Blakeley State Park, the city once competed with Mobile for the status of queen city of Lower Alabama. All that remains today are gravestones, a few ruins and traces of old streets.

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History of Clarke County Alabama by John Simpson Graham, Editied by Terry W. Platt


In the year 1800 the white people began to settle in this county, and by
1813 there were quite a number of settlers along the west side of the county. In
1813 the Indians became very troublesome and the whites became alarmed and began
the erection of forts at various points in the county. According to Ball’s
history of Clarke County, they were located as follows:

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