Alabaster Alabama Old Buck Creek Cotton Mill

Alabaster Alabama Old Buck Creek Cotton Mill

Buck Creek Cotton Mill is an old cotton mill opened in 1896. The remaining buildings on the mill property is in bad shape and trespassers will be arrested unless permission is granted by the city.

The Black Phantom

Dark figures and strange noises have been reported by the locals that have named one of the black figures “The Black Phantom.”

Shelby County Volunteers

The mill was built on land that was at one time the muster ground for the Shelby County Volunteers that served in the Creek War of 1836 – the second Indian War. There were a number of deadly battles in the area.

Selma Cotton Mill

The mill was originally named the “Selma Cotton Mill” but was renamed in 1902 to the “Siluria Cotton Mill Company” before again becoming known as the “Buck Creek Cotton Mill” in 1911. The mill was sold in 1972 to Canon Textile Mills which shut the factory down in 1979. The City of Alabaster bought the property and tore down all the buildings with the exception of the city’s old jail and water tower.

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