Tag: where to look for indian arrowheads in alabama

Start on the ridges or higher ground of fields. Investigate the highest point in that field near fresh water. You may find value in using topo maps to search for a creek or a river on the area you intend to hunt. If near a creek or river, search near bends in the water flow.

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Indian Villages

Indian Tribes of Alabama



When Alabama was first established as part of the Mississippi Territory in the early nineteenth century, the vast majority of the land belonged to the American Indian Creek Indian Confederacy, and most of the Native American towns and villages in Alabama were inhabited by the Creeks.
Indian towns and settlement patterns were recorded in the accounts of travelers who visited them. Much of this information has been gleaned from:

(1)Aboriginal Towns In Alabama, Handbook of the Alabama Anthropological Society, 1920, and

(2)Swanton, John R., Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors. Pub. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 73. Washington, 1922.

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