Sumiton Alabama

Sumiton Alabama

Location of Sumiton in Jefferson County and Walker County, Alabama by DemocraticLuntz at English Wikipedia

The City of Sumiton is located on the eastern edge of Walker County and the city limits extend into Jefferson County. It incorporated in 1952.

At the 2010 census the population was 2,520, down from 2,665 in 2000.

The city’s original name was Summit, named by founder Nicholas M. Norris after the community’s high elevation.

Sumiton Alabama History

In the year of 1921. The name at the time was Summit. Mr. W.D. McGinnes was superintendent of Mines at that time. Alta Coal Co., Mines was the only industry Dr. Guinn here. About year 1924, Phillips Cotton Gin started up ginning cotton for 3 years.

Credit: Oral History of Sumiton

Sumiton began as a mining town that grew up around a railroad sometime after the Civil War. The first commercial mining venture in Sumiton was Philip and Moran’s Mining Company. At various times also known as Bald Eagle, Commercial, Democrat, and Summit, Sumiton’s current name, which was adopted in 1926, results from its location at one of the highest points in Walker County. The first post office opened in 1924, and the first public school in 1940. The city was incorporated in 1952.


Sumiton Alabama Events

The Sumiton Frog Festival is held on Main Street the first Saturday in October. It features arts and crafts, live music, food vendors, and entertainment for children. The Sumiton Senior Center was recently opened to provide seniors with a gathering place; it also serves as a violent weather safe shelter.

Sumiton Alabama Schools

Sumiton is home to two public school, Sumiton Middle School and Sumiton Elementary School. Their mascot is the Bulldogs.
Sumiton has one private school, Sumiton Christian School, which includes K-12th grades. Their mascot is the Eagles.
Bevill State Community College is also located in Sumiton. 

Old Photos of Dora and Sumiton

A collection of old photos from Dora and Sumiton, Alabama.
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