Woodville Alabama

Woodville Alabama

Location of Woodville in Jackson County, Alabama. Coordinates: 34°37′36″N 86°16′29″W

Woodville is a town in Jackson County, Alabama. It was officially established by an act of the Alabama State Legislature on December 13, 1819, one day before Alabama became a state. It was later incorporated on May 12, 1890, but lost its charter in 1897. It reincorporated in 1912. As of the 2010 census, the population of the town is 746, down from 761 in 2000. 

Woodville Alabama History

Woodville was settled about 1815 by Henry Derrick and is the oldest town in Jackson County. It was named for early residents Richard and Annie Wood. Woodville became the seat of Decatur County, Alabama in December 1821, but was attached to Jackson County when Decatur County was abolished the following year. The surrounding area was the site of considerable guerrilla warfare during the American Civil War.

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Skirmish at Paint Rock  Bridge

The Skirmish at Paint Rock Bridge was an action fought between a Union Army detachment of 27 men guarding a bridge near Woodville, Alabama and a Confederate States Army cavalry detachment intent on destroying the railroad bridge on April 28, 1862 during the American Civil War. Union Army brigade commander Colonel Joshua W. Sill reported that the men from the 10th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Arnold R. Chapin, who were under the immediate command of Sergeant William Nelson[1] and Sergeant Augustus H. Makimson held off the Confederate force of 250 men for over two hours and killed 7 Confederates and captured 1 wounded Confederate soldier who told the Union men of the Confederate numbers and casualties. The action resulted in the Union maintaining control of an intact railroad line through the area.

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The Woodville Historical Museum contains Artifacts and memorabilia of early life in Woodville, the oldest town in Jackson County. Items date back to 1800s. Located in Bob Jones Community Center at 13455 County Road 8, Woodville, AL 35776