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Current and historic military related sites of Alabama including the War of 1812, American Revolution, Civil War, Seminole Wars, Creek Wars and assorted skirmishes. 

Explore Alabama: Forts of Alabama is our currated and researched list of present and former forts in Alabama. Not all forts were for use of the military in Alabama. Many were constructed by civilians for their use in case of Indian attacks. 

Hundreds of forts are listed in our list within this category but not all have been thoroughly researched as well as we would like. The research continues on a daily basis. If you would like to know when we have updated information, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed for this category or subscribe to the newsletter.


Terry W. Platt, Editor

Terry W. Platt, webmaster

Fort Stoddard

A Federal post that was erected at Mount Vernon Landing soon after the Spanish vacated the northern portion of West Florida. Aaron Burr was held here in 1807 after his arrest for treason. At one time (pre Civil War) the site was reserved as a subpost of Mount Vernon Arsenal. Also spelled Stodderd in some sources. The name of the town was later altered from the original spelling.

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Camp Wheeler

During the Spanish American War the post was reestablished as Camp Wheeler and later renamed Camp Albert G. Forse. The camp was an organizing and training post for the 4th Army Corps whose second commander was Major General Joseph Wheeler, the former Confederate General, who volunteered for service during the Spanish American War. The camp was originally named for General Wheeler who changed the name himself to Camp Albert G. Forse after a Major killed at San Juan Hill.

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