Table of Contents: Clarke County Alabama And Its Surroundings From 1540 to 1877

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Editor’s Preface
Dedication and Copyright
Chapter I. Early travels and conflicts in the great south-east
Chapter II. Spanish, French and English residents
Chapter III. The Mississippi Territory–1798-1812
Chapter IV. Indians of the South-East
Chapter V. General topography, flora, and fauna of Clarke
Chapter VI. Clarke County, 1812-1820. The Creek War. Growth
Chapter VII. Clarke and Marengo, 1820-1830
Chapter VIII. Clarke County, 1830 to 1840
Chapter IX. Clarke County, 1840 to 1850
Chapter X. Clarke County, 1850-1860
Chapter XI. The period of conflict. 1860-1865
Chapter XII. The transition period. 1865 to 1875
Chapter XIII. Family records adn sketches
Chapter XIV. Sketches of women
Chapter XV. Sketches of other prominent citizens
Chapter XVI. Religious history
Chapter XVII. The colored people
Chapter XVIII. Geology and undeveloped resources
Chapter XIX. The present, 1876
Chapter XX. Literary productions and conclusion

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