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A mill town, also known as factory town or mill village, is typically a settlement that developed around one or more mills or factories, usually cotton mills or factories producing textiles.

Counterfeiters Jugged

Counterfeiters Jugged
A Secret Service Official Runs In Some Shovers Of The Q–r. 
Montgomery. Advertiser Calera, Alabama
May 3, 1887

On the train tonight your correspondent met the famous Mike O’Brien of the United States Secret service on his way from Mobile northward. From him was had an account of the running down and arrest of a band of counterfeiters in Choctaw County. O’Brien spent three weeks there disguished as an Irish peddler working up the case. The band consisted of Sheriff Hudson, County Clerk McClurg, an Englishman, and engraver named McLeon, one Randall and two others all of whom were arrested and cried to Mobile and on a preliminary hearing before commissioner today were committed to jail without bond.

Robert "Bob" Sims was a Confederate War veteran, farmer, and preacher who defied the federal government over taxes on his church during the late nineteenth century. Authorities and Sims's followers clashed in what became known as the Sims War before he was caught and hanged in December 1891.Courtesy of Alabama Department of Archives and History

The Sims War

Hanged By A Mob

In the 1890s, Choctaw County received national media attention for what became known as the Sims War, which erupted after Robert Sims, a Confederate war veteran turned preacher, amassed a following of 100 parishioners and declared he and his followers owed no allegiance to an earthly government, should not pay taxes, and had the freedom to make and distribute whiskey. In 1891, U.S. marshals charged Sims and his followers with moonshining and put out a warrant for his arrest. In the ensuing months, skirmishes involving the marshals, a local posse, and Sims followers resulted in several deaths. Sims and a number of his men were eventually captured and hanged by a mob. The Simsite War
Transcribed from the Vernon Coourier (Lamar County, AL) April 7, 1892
The Sims War in Choctaw County is not yet over.  Although six or seven of the gang were lynched, enough religious fanaticism is left to cause trouble.  The Simsites are extremely bitter against all preachers whom they call agents of the devil.  Fearful of his life, Rev. C. R. Lamar, the Methodist preacher at Bladen Springs, recently left his charge, and Rev. T. Cooper took his place, saying the would face the music.  The result was that a few nights since some unknown party fired at him from the bushes near his home, and narrowly missed sending the bullet home.

Nauvoo Alabama

Nauvoo Alabama

Nauvoo Alabama

Nauvoo is a town in Walker and Winston counties. As of the 2010 census, the population of the town is 221, down from 284 in 2000. The town of Nauvoo began as a small agricultural community known as Blackwell’s Crossing. The construction of the Northern Alabama Railway through the area in 1888 led to increased exploitation of the area’s abundant coal and timber resources.  
Nauvoo Alabama Camp McDowell
Camp McDowell, the official camp and conference center of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, is located here.

Hanceville Alabama Settles Down In Cullman County Alabama

With attractions and jobs within an easy driving distance, Hanceville is a great place to live and raise a family. Wallace State Community College offers a top-notch location to start your higher education journey, and our schools, Hanceville High, Hanceville Middle, and Hanceville Elementary are a great asset to our growing community.

Sheriff Pat Garrett Was Born In Cusseta Alabama, Chambers County Alabama

Sheriff Pat Garrett

Sheriff Pat Garrett, Patrick Floyd Jarvis “Pat” Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908) was an American Old West lawman, bartender and customs agent who became renowned for killing Billy the Kid. He was the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico as well as Doña Ana County, New Mexico.